Who doesn’t love a pub quiz?

We love a tipple on a Sunday night to drown our sorrows that the week starts over again, but even that can get a bit boring. Nothing better than getting some mates together and having a go at some good ol’ fashioned trivia.

And if you crave your questions with some burgers, it’s 241 all day and the kitchen’s open til late for some extra brain power.

Winners get a £50 to spend at The Vic along with bragging rights as champions for the next 7 days.

Do you know who invented the national instrumental of Sri Lanka? Good – cause we don’t either and we’ve never asked.
Our questions hit the nail on the head when it comes to being delighted you paid attention in that geography class, read that article your mate shared on Facebook, and watching too much of The Chase.

Join us every Sunday night at The Vic in St Andrews for our Pub Quiz “Let’s get Quizzical”. Pens at the ready from 8pm!