The grill turns on at 10am every morning and we’re serving the finest fayre outside your gran’s cookbook. We have one aim in mind and that’s to serve up good honest food at good honest prices. We love a good deal, yes Siree!

How do you like your eggs in the morning? With vodka and tomato juice?
Well you’re in good company, we love a good brunch (especially a boozy one), so feel free to tumble out of bed and into our place for a morning hug and a good ol’ fry up!

Brunch is served from 10am til 2pm everyday.

Wee ones are welcome too! Kids can enjoy a 2 courses for under a fiver and enjoy ping-pong, video games or some old school colouring in.

With a restless energy and free spirit…you can bet your bottom dollar that we’re up to something every night!

Weekly Rundown


I herb on the grape line it is 20% off Vegan & Veggie menu


Mac attack

mac and cheese day Tuesday


Good Korma

All about the curry on a Wednesday


Thia Thursday

Take the opportuni-thia for Thai street food plus a beer, cocktail or a non-alcoholic drink for £12.95 or £14.95


Every Sunday through the summer months…

Who is hosting? Who knows?
What's the theme - we'll probably decide half an hour before.

All we know is you guys LOVE a quiz!

Team up or play alone - the winner gets a £50 gift voucher!